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History and Acknowledgements

IIASS was established in Naples (Italy) on 7 December 1981 as a non-profit Association with the aim of training and developing research and study activities in the fields of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, and the consequent distribution of scientific knowledge.

From 1 January 1990, IIASS has moved to its present location in via G. Pellegrino, 19 - Vietri sul Mare, Salerno, Italy.



At IIASS researchers and scholarship holders of various nationalities operate in the fields of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.
L'IIASS takes part in basic and applied research programs, both national and international (Condensed Matter Physics, Satellite Data Processing, Cross-modal Analysis of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication, Acoustic and Perceptive Signal Processing; Neural Net Models and Application, Quantum Geometry and Gravitational Physics).
In its location L'IIASS organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses.
The Institute is also the seat of SIREN (Italian Society of Neural Nets), and guests the annual Italian Workshop on Neural Nets (WIRN).
L'IIASS operates is close collaboration with University Departments and Institutes and is an internationally recognized reference point.

 Acknowledgements and Certifications

The International Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies is:

  • Certified with the Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2008;
  • Registered in the Regional Registrar D.D. n. 88 of 20/05/2014 for Training in the sectors of Education and Professional Training, Education and Adavanced Technical Training; 
  • Registered  in the National Research Registrar at MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research);
  • Registered in the special section of the Regional Registrar ex art. 7, Regional Law 7/2003 as an Advanced Culture Institute;
  • Registered in the Registrar of Legal Entities at the Prefecture of Salerno, n. 025 since 2001;
  • Included in the Registrar of the Ministry of Education, University and Research as validated/qualified institution for training teachers (Decree 177 – Legislation 90);
  • Included in the list of Special Scientific Institutes (Private Research Institutions) promoted by MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research);
  • Included in the Good Practice National Catalogue of the European Social Fund;
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