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The International Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies (IIASS) was established in 1981, mainly at the wish of Prof. Eduardo R. Caianiello eminent scientific figure on international scale, and Professor Maria Marinaro. The main aim of IIASS, as defined in its Statute, is to contribute to the development and increase of studies and research direct to the analysis of the principles and issues regarding the fields of major advanced scientific interest, with particular regard to Physics, Mathematics, Information Technology, Psychology and Sociology, as well as to develop and carry out continuum education and professional updating, masters, advanced educational courses, research and studies in the socio-sanitary field.



  • News and Events

    • - WIRN 2016

      From 18 to 20 May will be held at IIASS the 26 th Edition of the Italian Workshop on Neural Nets WIRN-VIETRI'2016 organized by the Società Italiana Reti Neuroniche - SIREN... go to page 

    • - XXII Edizione del Premio

      XXII Edizione del Premio Caianiello per gli studenti delle Scuole Secondarie Superiori - Premiazione [12/5/2016 ore 16:00, aula P1 edificio F]  go to page

    • - MIUR Talentitaly – MOOC

      Sfida del MIUR Talentitaly – MOOC: Il corso “Laboratori Virtuali di Scienze” è iniziato sulla piattaforma e-learning   vai alla pagina

    • - MiNDSTEp consortium annual meeting

      The annual meeting of  MiNDSTEP Consortium in collaboration with  the Department of  Physics  "E.R. Caianiello" of the University of Salerno held  from  March  14 - 16, 2016  is positively closed  go to page

    • - MLSP2016

      IEEE International Workshop on  Machine Learning for Signal Processing - September 13-16, 2016  Vietri sul Mare, Salerno, Italy go to page

    • - XX Training Course in The Physics of Strongly Correlated Systems

      The XX edition of the "Training Course in the Physics of Strongly Correlated Systems" will be held at IIASS October 3 - 14, 2016 go to page

    • - Assegno di ricerca

      Concorso Pubblico per n.1 Assegno di Ricerca in Aree Fisica e Astrofisica da svolgersi presso l’IIASS -  Fondi POR FSE Campania 2007-13/POR FSE Campania 2014 – 2020. L'assegno di ricerca è stato assegnato al dott. Giuseppe D'Ago vai alla pagina



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