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WIRN - Workshop Italiano Reti Neurali

The Italian Workshop on Neural Networks (WIRN) is an annual event, organized since 1989 by the Italian Society of Neural Network (SIREN) in collaboration with the IIASS. The conference, which lasts three days, is devoted to the presentation of scientific reports on the theoretical aspects and applications of neural networks.

The conference hosts the annual meeting of the SIREN. The conference was sponsored over the years by various bodies, including the International Neural Networks Society, the University of Salerno, the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies, the Province of Salerno, Campania Region.

TOPIC AREAS: Suggested topics for the conference include, but are not limited to, the following research and application areas:
General Topics of Interest about Computational Intelligence:

Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Evolutionary Computation and Swarm Intelligence, Support Vector Machines, Complex Networks, Bayesian and Kernel Networks, Consciousness and Models of Emotion Cognitive and Psychological Models of Human Behavior

Algorithms & Architectures:
Among others: Blind Source Separation, Opportunist Networks, Metabolic Networks, Bio-inspired Neural Networks, Wavelet Neural Networks, Intelligent Algorithms for Signal (Speech, Faces, Gestures, Gaze, etc) Processing and Recognition

Among others: Hardware Implementations and Embedded Systems, Neuromorphic Circuits and Hardware, Spike-based VLSI NNs, Intelligent Interactive Dialogue Systems, Embodied Conversational Agents


Among others: Finance and Economics, Neuroinformatics and Bioinformatics, Brain-Computer Interface and Systems, Data Fusion, Time Series Modelling and Prediction, Intelligent Infrastructure and Transportation Systems, Sensors and Network of Sensors, Process Monitoring and Diagnosis, Intelligent and Adaptive Systems for Human-Machine Interaction.

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